From the evening meetings which led to the uprisals, until the triumphal march in which we hear the cheers of hope and joy for the newborn country, the history of our origin as an independent nation is full of memorable passages.

Each of them has been treasured in each box and bottle of Tequila 916©. We have taken care, with the utmost respect, of every detail of its preparation because our goal is to cross the seas of history and give new generations the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of our heritage's living legacy.
In Tequila 916 ® lies a heritage, a symbol of struggle and victory, a trophy that crowns the efforts of our heroes to forge a new nation for future generations.

That ninth month and that sixteenth day have been marked on the calendar with shining letters which stand out among other important dates in the collection of commemorations of our fledgling nation.

Our struggle is over; nevertheless time will surely bring new battles for the next generations as each time brings its own difficulties, so ordinary people might become heroes. We believe that in each fellow countryman there is a soldier who will keep alive our heritage.



Over two hundred years ago there was a group of protesters, rebels, visionaries, who saw beyond their present and housed in their hearts dreams of change, grandeur and glory. Ideas that helped fight against the disenchantment of their reality.
Today we still need these idealists and it's for them that we have prepared Tequila 916 ® Blanco.
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Tequila 916 Blanco



To get up and to make war first one needs to overcome oneself, our fears and insecurities, clinging to the targets with such force that there is a tremendous need to wake up every day and move towards the goal, to conquer. 
For those who are not afraid to fight against the odds, we have designed the Tequila 916 ® Reposado.
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Tequila 916 Blanco



Succeeding was not easy, to achieve it there was the need of a starting point and an arrival, a habit of endless fight and an unwavering will to do things. 
Succeeding is being able to look back with a hint of satisfaction. To know that victory is not the end but the beginning of a new battle. For those who know this, there is Tequila 916® Añejo.
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Tequila 916 Blanco
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